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It is the project's aim to use the Freerunner's accelerometers to control an X11 Server. Therefore it connects to the X server using TCP/IP and sends Input events with the X Test extension. In future the program should have an EFL-based GUI with configurable buttons and related actions to control the connected X server. Besides, it would be great to be able to use the physical buttons of the Freerunner.


  • 1. Make sure your X11 server accepts TCP/IP connections. You can test it with the command netstat -natp. Typically X uses ports 6000 and following to make its displays accessible(6000 is display 0, 6001 display 1 etc). If your computer doesn't listen on such ports, you have to enable incoming TCP connections. Under Ubuntu for instance, one has to set the option DisallowTCP to false in the file /etc/gdm/custom.conf.
  • 2. Make your freerunner an allowed client on your X11 server. Therefore run the command xhost <ip address of your fr>.
  • 3. Now you can use openmokontrol to establish the connection, typically openmokontrol <X11 server's ip>:<target display number, normally 0>. For further options see openmokontrol --help.
  • 4. Have fun. Until now, there are two possible modes. In the lfs mode, the freerunner's inclination determines the mouse's positione of the target X11 server, in normal mode you can control the arrow button, for the basic position of the freerunner the usb port has to be upside in both modes. The LFS mode aims to control the game Live for Speed, which can be played with wine. You can download a free demo here[1].


Just execute opkg install

Wish List

Please add your wishes/use cases here:

  • Nice EFL GUI
  • Mode for presentations
  • Mouse mode: accelerometers for mouse movement and click on screen to left and right button.



  • OPKG page[4]
  • Google Code page[5]
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