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Our Openmoko Wiki Editing Guidelines are meant to assist our users in editing this wiki. They try to ensure a somewhat more consistent and organized structure.


  1. Openmoko only is only referring to pure Software (think Openmoko GNU/Linux distribution)
  2. Neo1973 is the first hardware device that officially runs Openmoko
  3. Use "the smartphone" if you refer to a hardware device that could be Neo1973 but could also be a later version


  1. If you're adding information (esp. Pages) about the Hardware, keep in mind that the Neo1973 is only one of the various devices that will run Openmoko. Thus,
    1. Do not create generic pages like "Battery", rather use "Neo1973 Battery"
    2. If it makes sense to have generic pages, use per-device sections and make sure you always link to the Neo1973 section from other Neo1973 specific pages
  2. The wiki is primarily meant to contain factual information on actual project software, hardware, even though parts might still be under development. Thus,
    1. If you're adding information about wishlist items (or even more imaginary things), please clearly mark them with a "Wishlist:" prefix in the page title.
    2. Always make sure that an outside user can clearly distinguish between the actual feature set of the device, and "interesting theoretical plans of what one could do if he had time" :)
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