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Welcome to the North Texas openmoko page!

This group is for anyone in the DFW and surrounding areas. Hopefully we'll be able to organize an event for when a few of us get the neos. Local LUGs will probably be interested too, update here as it happens.

Name Skills Level of Interest Location Other
Jae Stutzman C++, C# (mono) neo1973 SH1 in my hands Greenville freedom is coming
Erik Hix C#, ninja curious Rockwall Who took my frog?
Mark Arvidson C++, mad bo staff neo1973 SH1 on the way Richardson *refresh* still in CA *refresh* still in CA *sigh*
Michael Carter C#, C++ Waiting for Phase 2 Greenville Ready Tomorrow
Jeff Rush C++, Python neo1973 SH1 arrived 7/27! Richardson Will be making tutorial screencasts
Edward Lineberry J2ME, C, rhyme neo1973 SH1 in my hands Dallas Will be be watching tutorial screencasts
Dmitri Translation Waiting for Phase 2 Dallas
Ricky C, Python, Ruby, GTK App testing, dev for personal use Fort Worth Want more experience developing for embedded systems. Need a North Texas email list
Matt Willtrout Some c, c++ Personal use, embedded systems, experience, porting E Collin Co Got it, an posting this from the phone`s browser. :-D
Tom kernel,c,java,ruby/rails Development. Waiting for my SH1 Plano I created a Google group to serve as our first communication channel, feel free to join in,
Bobby Martin Java, C/C++, Python Development, personal use. I have a GTA01v4. Probably buying a FreeRunner too. Arlington
Jeff Propes perl, java, C, C++ app development Addison No FreeRunner yet, but I'm looking to set up an emulator
Stephen Shelton Java, C++ app development Richardson Looking to start developing apps and otherwise contributing

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