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Possible Participants

Name Skills Level of Interest Location Other Has Device Has Debug Board
ugh Software Developer Development: Audio Player Pythm, Geocaching App (FreeCacher) Dortmund /*no comment*/
TobyS Software Developer Owning a FreeRunner. Several more or less crazy development ideas. Dortmund Member of the PHP Usergroup (see below)
Lapistano Software Developer Owning a FreeRunner. Loves geocaching. cologne Member of the PHP Usergroup Cologne
schasch Software Developer Owning a gta01 gta02 m740-dvbt. Dortmund

Intermediate meeting point

Several members of the local PHP Usergroup own a FreeRunner and are intetressted in developing applications for it and sharing experiences about usage and development. If you want to meet other Openmoko enthusiasts, don't hesitate to drop by the regular meeting, which takes place every Thursday from 18:30 in the HiccUp bar/restaurant. Don't forget to bring your FreeRunner and/or notebook (wifi and power available). More detailed information on the PHP Usergroup Dortmund website.

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