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Possible Participants

Name Skills Level of Interest Location Other Has Device Has Debug Board
Andreas Lorensen Linux, GPL and open source and open systems. Got a GTA01 Advanced 3050 Humlebaek Are not a programmer, but can read code and adjust in it. Like to test and find solutions on errors. NIL NIL
Jens Fursund Linux, Programming OpenGL, C/C++, Image and sound processing. Got to get a GTA02 2400 Koebenhavn NV Throw code/projects/assignments at me; I will most likely do them! ;) NIL NIL
Lars Mogensen None developer, but general code insight. Owns a GTA02 and are looking into application dev. for prof./home usage. København S Education: Computer science and Financial Studies, Occupation: Release Manager, Interests: Qualty Analysts, GUI.
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