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Name Skills Level of Interest Location Other
@Dexter Linux/Networking/Coding passepartout No GTA01Bv4, waiting for GTA02. Bucharest 061364 Willing to organize meetings, brainstorming, bug-squasing sessions -- you name it!
Sin Linux/Networking/Interfaces/Programming also waiting for GTA02. Timisoara possibly little free time, probably not enough experience (no large project yet)
Derbot Linux/Networking/Programming got GTA01. Bucharest if you want to see it send me a message
rslite General Programming waiting for GTA02 Tg.Mures programmed only on Windows so far, but wanting from a long time to do something useful in Linux, and especially in an interesting project like this one
AlexB Linux, Networking, Programming, Electronics got GTA02 Bucharest A bit of everything, including the kitchen sink
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