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See discussion

Mailing list

We have set up a mailinglist a To subscribe either send a mail with the topic 'subscribe' to OR through the web interface:

Possible Participants

Name Skills Level of Interest Location Other Has Device Has Debug Board
tim mostly web related No GTA01Bv4, waiting for GTA02. berlin.nord willing to organize stuff i.e. meeting location/whatever. talk to me, or e-mail: OM DOT 5 DOT
spag too lazy patiently waiting for GTA02 with WLAN Marzahn I'm interested in VoIP applications on Openmoko.
pH5 Coding, RE, Uni Openmoko, gsmd, GTA01, Magician Zehlendorf Sphyrna
barmeier Coding in C and Java GTA01, Magician Steglitz I'am interested in Sync, application integration and usability improvements
kriss Coding Wedding
roh hw, sw mitte/pberg access to schematics GTA01bv4, GTA02v5, etc
chris travelling in time and space abusing the freerunner in every way imaginable Wedding Anyone in interested in group-order? see: at the bottom
einalex Coding, TU, cooking, soldering FreeRunner, syncing Hamburg / Frankfurt / München If you decide to order a 10pack I'd like to join the fun. Contact me at my email address alexander dot gabriel at tuhh dot de
fischel php, java, triathlon FreeRunner Charlottenburg interested in group-order A780
Torsten coding, ui testing, minor coding, meeting Griebnitzsee let's initiate local user group meetings
philippt coding (java, python, perl, bash), linux stuff want to have a really smart phone Friedrichshain interested in group order, knowledge sharing and real-life experience with freerunner
ogai coding (java, groovy), linux stuff want to have a really smart phone Prenzlauer Berg interested in group order, knowledge sharing and real-life experience with freerunner
carcinoma coding (c++, progress), linux, Design free me from proprietary tools Weissen See (Pankow) interested in knowledge sharing, freetime usage, usage in Job/Professional Get GTA02 from Pulster, next big order will be mine(25.7.)
ott-- coding, Linux, even Windows I want to be free Schmöckwitz (Köpenick) see pics GTA02v5, GTA02v6
dk java Gta02 moabit interested in group order
relet code GPS/OSM/coding moabit 02 nak
sbusch coding (c, c++, java), linux coding on my free phone :-) Friedrichshain especially interested in voip and IM GTA02
thebohemian C, Java, OpenEmbedded, organize things OM for professional use, sharing knowledge, Free Software advocacy Friedrichshain GTA02, GTA01 -
Stephan coding (c, c++), linux OM for fun, personal use, Free Software advocacy Friedrichshain interested in local user group meetings not yet, ordered GTA02
vanInwagen java, linux OM only for having it Biesdorf interested in group order as well, even two OMs oh yeah, got it, using it, having fun with it
fcch linux, voip, Hardware basteln Petershagen gps, voip, running own applications on the GTA
scheich Wedding
krany linux, c/c++, python, assembler (x86) programming apps, creating customised distribution (too lazy!), creating graphics Tempelhof interested in real life coding events, especially arm-assembler and moko-demo-coding!

Meetings, Events

Meeting language is German ;-)

Date Location Topic Who
every wednesday / 20:00 c-base (zusammen mit dem Freifunkertreffen) FreeRunner Release / Hands On See discussion
23.08.2007 / 18:00 CCCB / Club Diskordia First meeting. bring your hardware Roh, pH5, tim(+ 2?), ? (please add yourself)
8.-12. August 2007 Flugplatz Finowfurt Chaos Communication Camp 2007 und GSM Village ?
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