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Welcome to the Arizona Openmoko page!

This group is for anyone in Arizona.

Name Skills Level of Interest Location Other
Matt Mets C Programming, Hardware Hacking Ordered the GTA01Bv4 Chandler Interested in driver development, learning some more complex embedded programming
Richard Reichenbacher C Programming, Java Ordered the GTA01Bv4 Tucson Nothing inparticular
Jeff Andros C, Java, Perl, Bash, some others (I'm not willing to own up to PHP) Order #1822 East Mesa interested in low level development, Bike/Training applications, predictive answering(not having to remember to turn on/off silent) (keep me away from UI design: I could be the character model for dilbert's "interface poisoning" series)
Ted Lemon C, LISP, Python, etc. GTA01 with Debug board (let me know if you need help unbricking your GTA01) Tucson Very interested in getting the UI right, also some domain-specific PIM apps and Mac OS X syncing/general interoperability. And of course I plan to do all my coding on the machine in a LISP/Scheme variant lately called Otter, but we'll see how that goes...
Shawn Rutledge Scheme, C, C++, QT, low-level graphics stuff, Bluetooth, etc. Got my GTA01 and debug board Phoenix Working on a Scheme-based distributed "meta" UI system (think NeWS but more abstractly specified, and implemented with Chicken Scheme). Currently I work on this on a Zaurus SL6000; will try to make it portable to several platforms, with this phone being a high-importance one. Implementation is still in very early stages though.
Wes Shull Python, Qt, trying (J)Ocaml, C when it can't be avoided, Tcl, Perl, assembly, and lots of other stuff once upon a time but not lately planning on getting a GTA02, willing to front a group buy Tucson Despite embedded background, more interested in a working open platform that I can unify geodatabase/GSM/VoIP/messaging on (replacing separate PDA/phone/GPS and possibly walkie-talkie) with a *sane* programming environment (yay PyQt!)
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