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Name Skills Level of Interest Location Other Has device
Steamrunner electronics, Linux, VoIP, programming Neo1973 - GTA01 (Base) Owner 2660 Hoboken (Antwerpen) willing to organize meetings, brainstorming, workshops, whatever. talk to me.
BioGeek bioinformatics, Linux user since 1998, Python programming Awaiting NeoFreeRunner, Mobistar 2018 Antwerpen (Berchem) willing to meet other Openmoko users, exchange ideas and spread the love for Free and Open Source Software in general
RaGoe Free & Open Source software enthousiast Neo Freerunner owner, using Mobile Vikings as provider 2531 Boechout Willing to meet other users and share, hack and learn
Ivo Sysadmin guy: Linux and other UNIX flavors Neo Freerunner, GPRS and GPS 2600 Berchem Plan an event and I'll probably show up :)
Atilla Free & Open Source software enthusiast, C & Python & Javascript programmer, kernel developer Freerunner, Mapping 2600 Berchem Also GP2X, N900 and ASUS Transformer lover
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