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This project provides a PCB extension board and software to combine a Beagle Board with a Freerunner compatible display and case.

The goal is to provide a demonstrator and experimentation platform how a future modern state-of the art Openmoko device with ARM-Cortex A8 and UMTS could be (neglecting miniaturization). This allows to develop software and new user interfaces. When packing the board into a Freerunner case, one can provide sound (microphone, earset, speaker) and vibracall.


What it is good for

  • experimenting with touchscreen and new user interfaces on Beagleboard
  • learn how the OMAP3530/OMAP4430 design works
  • make it a mobile application development platform by adding a battery pack and a UMTS usb stick
  • investigate how an Openmoko with UMTS and OMAP3530/OMAP4430 feels (not from haptics but screen operation and UMTS speed)
  • porting SHR, QtMoko, Android, etc. to ARM-Cortex A8/A9, NEON


Pictures and Movies

Pictures of Prototype

Here some pictures of our prototypes (the final PCB will be rotated by 180 degrees to allow to access the SD slot).

Pictures of final Board

Some movies


  • PCB that fits into Freerunner case (top cover and middle part after cutting a hole)
  • works also outside of a case
  • Toppoly LCM interface (same display as used in the Freerunner - otherwise it would not fit into the case)
  • TSC2007 touch screen controller
  • Microphone
  • Earset and Speaker connector (for Freerunner case)
  • 2 buttons (AUX and Power)
  • 2 dual color LEDs (in the AUX and Power buttons)
  • vibracall driver
  • headset jack to connect microphone, earset and speaker
  • W2SG004 (Sirf-III) GPS
  • ITG3200 3-axis gyroscope

Software and Downloads


User space file systems

Initial tests have shown that it is quite easy to port/configure Freerunner GUI distributions to run on this hardware/kernel. Therefore we encourage to port

  • Android: e.g. rowboat
  • Angstrom
  • QtMoko
  • SHR
  • etc.


locate binaries for MLO (first phase boot loader), U-Boot, boot scripts and splash screens, Kernel, Angstrom or Lenny Demo Image, patches (config.tgz) and modules (modules.tgz) from

Please note that you have to copy them in a specially formatted SD card. Look into the makesd script for an example (WARNING: adapt to your system or you may destroy your hard disk).



The board can be ordered through:

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