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Openmoko Framework Team Status Report 2008.6.1

Hi guys! This is the second Openmoko Framework Team Status update, today only brief and focusing our first milestone release.

For the general motivation, the goals, and the way we are doing our work, please see

What happened since the last report


  • Daniel Willmann <> joined the framework team -- welcome on board, Daniel!


  • org.freesmartphone.GSM has received slight corrections and enhancements based on feedback during implementing ophoned and gsmd2.
  • org.freesmartphone.{Event|Usage|Device} start looking more stable.
  • We have started brainstorming about org.freesmartphone.Preferences and org.freesmartphone.Context


Openmoko Framework Image -- 'Groundhog Day' (Milestone I)

This is the first milestone release of the framework and the framework testing application 'Zhone'.


A lightweight image that turns an Openmoko phone into a featurephone and that serves as the basis for further application development experiments using the dbus APIs.

Download / Installation

  1. Grab a uImage and a .jffs2 for your device.
  2. Flash it to your Neo1973 (om-gta01) or NeoFreeRunner (om-gta02) with dfu-util.
  3. Boot and wait until the 'Openmoko - Please wait...' appears.
  4. Note: If the application does not start after 2 minutes, please reboot once. This can happen the first time you boot the framework image. It's a last-minute bug that crept in this milestone (sorry!).

What you can expect from this release

  • Simple Telephony (singleparty calls).
  • First release of the following dbus APIs:
    • org.freesmartphone.Device
    • org.freesmartphone.Usage
    • org.freesmartphone.Event
    • org.freesmartphone.GSM

What you should not expect

  • 100% working Suspend and Resume all the time (kernel issues are still being worked on.
  • Anything beyond simple telephony. This will come in future milestones.

What we expect from you

  • Feedback and comments for the dbus APIs. This is your chance to take an active role into shaping the application programminginterface for all your cool applications.

What's next

The Team

Mickey, Jan, Daniel, Guillaume.

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