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Welcome to the Birmingham openmoko page!

Hopefully we'll be able to organise an event for when a few of us get the neos - please also keep the page updated with any interest you get from your local LUGs.

Name Skills Level of Interest Location Other Has?
Andy Loughran Learning Python On the lists since January, bought the neo1973 on the 9th July Solihull Got the neo and currently demonstrating to Vodafone UK Handset Procurement.
Giles Jones C programming Development of interface, applications, core libraries Cannock, Staffs (near enough to brum) Hopefully get my phone soon, can't get the emulator networking working
Greg Clarke Sysadmin User and integration of webapps with mobile devices Another one in Cannock, Staffs My FreeRunner arrived 26 Jun :)
Chris S Xc8 Sysadmin User, can compile, maybe port Moseley

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