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After downloading an OpenEmbedded Torrent, there are two variables that need to be exported in the shell environment. The MACHINE and OE_HOME. Examples are used below, but please set the variables appropriately for your scenario. Also, please ensure that there are several gigabytes of disk space available in OE_HOME.

 export MACHINE=om-gta02
 export OE_HOME=${HOME}/oe

The following three variables are set here for the purpose of generality. They should be included in the name of your torrent file.


Please follow the following instructions for preparing the pre-compiled OpenEmbedded build environment.

 mkdir -p ${OE_HOME}
 tar xpjf ${TARBALL_LOC}/openmoko-${MACHINE}-${DISTRO}-${ARCH}-${TIMESTAMP}.tar.bz2 -C ${OE_HOME}
 cd ${OE_HOME}
 echo ${OE_HOME}/build-${MACHINE}/tmp > ${OE_HOME}/build-${MACHINE}/tmp
 source setup-env

The next step is to rebuild non-portable packages required for native and cross compilation. All of such packages are pulled in as dependencies, when building the 'console-image' recipe.

bitbake console-image

That's it! You are now ready to do system development or application development to your heart's content!

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