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The following links are in place to provide developers with a pre-compiled OpenEmbedded build environment tailored to their workstation's architecture. In order to use BitTorrent files, it is necessary to install a BitTorrent client.

The reason that these torrents are provided, is to decrease the amount of time it takes for system developers to have a fully functional build environment, allowing them to focus on more important tasks.

NOTE: A pre-compiled OE environment is several gigabytes in size. For example, the compressed environment could be 3GB of data to download, but it might require another 16 GB to uncompress. It is suggested to have approximately 25GB of free disk space before continuing.

Once the environment is downloaded via BitTorrent, just follow these instructions, and go! See the list below for available torrents.


Available Torrents

Linux Users

Torrents for Linux users

(There are no torrents at this time)

Mac OS X Users

Torrents for Mac OS X users

(There are no torrents at this time)

FreeBSD Users

Torrents for FreeBSD users

(There are no torrents at this time)


  • How can I contribute a torrent of my OE environment, to help future OpenMoko developers jump-start their work?

That is a very excellent question, and we are very happy that you asked! Please see OpenEmbedded Torrent Submission for more details.

  • Why does my environment rebuild gcc-cross, binutils-cross, libtool-native, ... ?

If every end-user had the same username and the same OE_HOME, then the cross-toolchain would be completely portable. However, that is generally not the case. The toolchain has compiled-in paths that contain system libraries and headers. If those paths change, then there is a very high probability that gremlins might attack you, your loved ones, and your town, possibly ruining Christmas for everyone.

Contributing to the Pool of Torrents

If you have noticed that the available torrents for your architecture, machine, and distro are few (or none), then we would love it if you would share your build environment for other OpenMoko developers to get up-to-speed fast!

Please see OpenEmbedded Torrent Submission for more details.

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