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Openmoko, ваш дистрибутив, собран с помощью OpenEmbedded. OpenEmbedded will:

  • Создание (cross-compile) программных пакетов для множества мобильных устройств.
  • Handle различной аппаратной архитектурой, и поддержкаа множества вариантов across those архитектур.

Для большей информации перейдите на Open Embedded вебсайт.

Создание Openmoko дистрибутива с помошью OpenEmbedded

Note that you probably don't want to build Openmoko with OpenEmbedded, if you are an application developer. In that case, you better use our prebuilt Toolchain. Building Openmoko is a time-, cpu- and diskspace-consuming process which should only be done if you are a system integrator and want to customize your Openmoko distribution.

The facility called MokoMakefile simplifies building OpenEmbedded, however it also shields you from a lot of knowledge. In case you are the aformentioned system integrator / distribution customizer, we strongly advise you to use BitBake and OpenEmbedded directly.

OpenEmbedded branch

The official Openmoko branch of the OpenEmbedded database can be found at Git.Openmoko.Org.

Загрузка архивов с исходниками

When bitbake builds a particular OE package, it downloads the original source code of the upstream project (e.g. Linux kernel) and patches from the internet. After downloading sources, bitbake applies a series of patches to the tree. These patches have either been downloaded from the internet or are contained in the OpenEmbemdded metadata repository. The unpatched source tarballs are available from

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