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The Om 2008.9 Update was the second point release of Om 2008. It is now superseded by Om 2008.12 Update. It included general operating system improvements that enhance the stability, compatibility, and security of your Neo.

For detailed information about fixes and updates, please visit Openmoko Trac.

Products Affected:  Neo FreeRunner

What's Included?


  • Created public unstable/testing/stable branches for Om 2008
  • New meta toolchain Details
  • Fixed issue with unknown wifi showing in settings
  • Fixed Qtopia build issues
  • Details


  • Fixed suspend request issues in illume
  • Added low battery alert signal - battery turns red
  • Added carrier information
  • Details


  • Improved overall error handling and stability
  • Fixed issues with packages getting switched to wrong categories
  • Details


  • Fixed issues with accuracy of tag saving
  • Fixed tag text issues
  • Fixed issues with the location of saving maps
  • Details


  • Improved overall call/message handling during suspend
  • Improved PIN dialog pop up
  • Fixed issues with showing UTF8 correctly
  • Improved sound handling issues during calls
  • Improved overall GUI usability issues
  • Details


  • Improved speed of opening/closing of application
  • Improved suspend time handling
  • Fixed issues with sound profile not switching correctly
  • Details

System Software

  • Fixed issues with time changes after removal of battery
  • Fixed issues with no sound after resume
  • Improved AUX light during charging
  • Improved overall suspend/resume handling
  • Details

Also, along that distribution update comes a new (more sober) splash screen.

Known Issues



  • ticket 1929 WiFi can only connect once
  • A lot of focus is on wifi at the moment. An Om update is scheduled to release once we have basic usability working on the device.

Audio quality

System Software


What's Next?

Openmoko set up an "Optimization team" led by John Lee to work on improving the distribution. The project last two months. No formal release was made in the end, even though the team considerably improved boot speed and fixed many bugs (download directory). The state of the tree at the end of the effort is summarized here.

See Openmoko's software roadmap from December 2008 to mid 2009.


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