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The Openmoko Installer (Codename: Assassin) is a tool for installing, updating and uninstalling programs on your Neo.

choose program
install application
install application


see Manuals/Om 2008#Installer


  • Installer is a specialized GUI front-end of Packagekit over DBus interface.
  • Installer should be run with stable network conditions and power supply. Once Installer is launched, it actively tries to connect to installed repositories. Timeout will make it unresponsive if the network condition is not stable. If you do not have access to WiFi, a USB connection is recommended.
  • Installer refreshes the package meta-data every 2 days.
  • The default Packagekit backend on Neo is opkg, but it is not restricted to opkg.
  • You can also talk with Packagekit through DBus.
  • Installer will launch packagekitd automatically, which will lock the libopkg to avoid synchronization trouble. Normally, the packagekitd terminates itself after about 5 minutes. If you want to use 'opkg', you may terminate Installer and:
killall packagekitd

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