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An application managing one's money for the Openmoko Neo Freerunner. It is intended to be used as bookkeeping application to keep the track on your gains and expenses in every day live.

From a technical point of view OMoney uses:

* python
* python-ecore
* python-evas
* python-edje
* python-etk (for entry and table widget)
* python-sqlite3 
* python-textutils

OMoney.png OMoney2.png OMoney3.png Om5.png

milestone 1

At the moment includes "only" the following corefeatures:

* Displays the current available amount of money.
* One can do transactions to add and deduce money.
   * Automatic keyboard call.
* A history table which includes date, time, amount, purpose and location of the transaction.
* Basic error handling.

milestone 2

To be released

* One can edit/delete/modify the history data
* Implemented top toolbar
* Searching for suggestions for the placeholder (foobar)
* Implemented settings dialog
* Improved code structure
* Uses python-elementary instead of evas/edje only for various reasons


Downloadlink for the ipk:

Get source :

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