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This page is obsolete, neoqplayer has been renamed to Gorsh Player. Visit the author website for more informations : | GorshPlayer |

Current version : 0.3.1 ( 24 march 2009 )

Neoqplayer-Sunset.png NeoQPlayer sunset (version 0.2)

NeoQPlayer is a finger friendly, light multimedia application ( only audio now ) written in Qt4 which wants to be as fast as possible

Package: [1]
Tested on: Debian



NeoQplayer is written in Qt4 and tries to use as little as possible cpu, removing cpu hungry items. It has only been tested on Debian which provides needed packages (Qt4 dev libraries, phonon, ...) but thanks to Qt4 it can be ported easily to other distributions.


  • Audio playing through gstreamer, xine, ... with phonon
  • Playlist creation on the fly, show the current playlist
  • Show the cover of the current album

Installing neoqplayer

NeoQplayer can be installed on Debian with provided scripts in the source archive which downloads dependencies, compiles the code and copies needed files to the right place.

Using cover functionality

You can show the cover of the current album, song, artist, ... For that you need to put a .cover.png file in the folder containing the played song ( There will be a utility to manage your songs and covers soon )


  • [2] FileSelection ( folder view )
  • [3] FileSelection ( file view )
  • [4] PlayListView

Ideas, Feature Requests

Here you can put your Feature-ideas.

  • add an idea here
  • (idea^^)motion-gesture features like shaking for a random song or swing right for next song

Or use the tracked ( better ) :

User feedback

  • add your feedback/comments here

Known Problems

  • FIXED in svn : The gui is not as fast as it should be on the neo, it seems that this is a Xglamo issue as Xglamo use ~60-70% cpu on screen update

Reporting Bugs

News about the project

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