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Need improvement: This So far the best description I have seen is the diagram on Neo 1973 audio subsystem page. The same, updated for the FreeRunner would be needed. Or/and a simplified diagram with only the connected circuits. needs improving. Feel free to add content.

The purpose of this page is to describe the Neo's alsamixer settings.



To run alsamixer through ssh, run



  • Esc - exit
  • F1 - help
  • F2 - info
  • F3 - playback controls
  • F4 - capture controls
  • F5 - all controls
  • Tab - toggle view
  • Space - toggle capture
  • m - toggle mute
  • < > - mute left/right
  • Up/Down - increase/decrease volume
  • Left/Right - channel scroll

Settings Descriptions

Setting playback or capture Channels (1,2, or toggle) Description
Headphone Playback 2 playback volume on the headphones (headset)
Headphone Playback ZC Playback
Bass Playback
Bass Boost Playback
Bass Filter Playback
Treble Playback
Treble Cutoff Playback
PCM Playback
Sidetone Playback
Line Left Mux Playback
Line Mixer Playback
Line Mono Mux Playback
Line Right Mux Playback
Mic Selection Mux Playback
Mic Sidetone Mux Playback
Mono Playback
Mono 2 Mux Playback
Mono Bypass Playback
Mono Mixer Bypass Playback Swit Playback
Mono Mixer Left Playback
Mono Mixer Right Playback Switc Playback
Mono Mixer Sidetone Playback Sw Playback
Mono Mixer Voice Playback Switc Playback
Mono Playback ZC Playback
Mono Sidetone Playback
Mono Voice Playback
Playback 6dB Attenuate Playback
Playback Mixer Left Capture Swi Playback
Playback Mixer Right Capture Sw Playback
Playback Mixer Voice Capture Sw Playback
Playback Mono Mix Playback
Playback Phase Playback
Capture 6dB Attenuate Playback
Capture Filter Playback
Capture Filter Cut-off Playback
Capture Filter Select Playback
Capture Left Mixer Playback
Capture Left Mux Playback
Capture Right Mixer Playback
Capture Right Mux Playback
Capture ZC Playback
3D Playback
3D Function Playback
3D Lower Cut-off Playback
3D Upper Cut-off Playback
ADC Data Select Playback
ALC Capture Attack Time Playback
ALC Capture Decay Time Playback
ALC Capture Function Playback
ALC Capture Hold Time Playback
ALC Capture Max Playback
ALC Capture NG Playback
ALC Capture NG Threshold Playback
ALC Capture NG Type Playback
ALC Capture Target Playback
ALC Capture ZC Playback
Amp Spk Playback
Amp State Playback
Bypass Playback
DAI Mode Playback
DAPM GSM Line In Playback
DAPM GSM Line Out Playback
DAPM Handset Mike Playback
DAPM Handset Spk Playback
DAPM Headset Mike Playback
DAPM Stereo Out Playback
De-emphasis Playback
Left Mixer Bypass Playback Swit Playback
Left Mixer Left Playback
Left Mixer Sidetone Playback Sw Playback
Left Mixer Voice Playback Switc Playback
Out3 Mux Playback
Out4 Mux Playback
ROUT2 Phase Playback
Right Mixer Bypass Playback Swi Playback
Right Mixer Right Playback Swit Playback
Right Mixer Sidetone Playback S Playback
Right Mixer Voice Playback Swit Playback
Rx Mixer Playback
Speaker Playback
Speaker Playback ZC Playback
Voice Playback
Bass Capture
Treble Capture
PCM Capture
Sidetone Capture
Mic1 Capture
Mic2 Capture Handset microphone
Capture Capture
3D Capture
ADC Capture
ALC Capture Attack Time Capture
ALC Capture Decay Time Capture
ALC Capture Hold Time Capture
ALC Capture Max Capture
ALC Capture NG Threshold Capture
ALC Capture Target Capture
ALC Mixer Line Capture
ALC Mixer Mic1 Capture
ALC Mixer Mic2 Capture
ALC Mixer Rx Capture
Voice Sidetone Capture


See FreeRunner Hardware Issues#Better set of mixer settings

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