Neo FreeRunner Memory Mapping

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The first block holds a little 4KByte RAM buffer that is auto-filled from NAND by CPU hardware, called "steppingstone" when we boot from NAND, or the NOR is mapped in there.

nCS0: 00000000 07FFFFFF 4K steppingstone or NOR (Aux held down)
nCS1: 08000000 0FFFFFFF Glamo
nCS2: 10000000 17FFFFFF nothing mapped
nCS3: 18000000 1FFFFFFF NOR
nCS4: 20000000 17FFFFFF nothing mapped
nCS5: 28000000 2FFFFFFF nothing mapped
nCS6: 30000000 33FFFFFF on-MCP SDRAM 64MB
nCS7: 34000000 37FFFFFF external SDRAM 64MB

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