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Neo 1973
sold out

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Openmoko is a software distribution stack that sits on top of a hardware platform. The Neo1973 phone is the first hardware platform to take advantage of Openmoko. You can find specifics of the Neo1973 Hardware by reviewing this introduction page and the pages in the category as shown at the bottom of this page.

Note that this page is about the first Openmoko phone which is now discontinued. See details on the second Openmoko phone at this page - Neo FreeRunner GTA02 Hardware.

display (top) side
component (back) side


User experiences of Phase 0 hardware


User reports of robustness

User experiences - drops onto concrete - ... Neo1973 Robustness

Physical Dimensions

  • 120.7 x 62 x 18.5 mm (4.75 x 2.44 x 0.728 inch)
  • 184 +/- 5 g (6.5 ounces)
  • For the purposes of acquiring/cutting a properly sized screen protector, the display hole of the case is about 45 x 59 mm, while the top cover internal frame can house up to a 53 x 74 mm protector; sizes much larger than the display hole would obviously necessitate removing the front cover for installation.
  • A Useful size comparison between the Neo1973, iPhone, Motorola A1200 and the SEM600i can be seen at sizeasy

Main components

Component Chip or Info
Main Components
Processor Samsung S3C2410
NAND-Flash 64MB into Samsung K9F1208U0B
SDRAM 128MB from the 2 Samsung K4M511633C
GSM/GPRS Texas Instruments Calypso based, probably TI Calypso D751992AZHH
GPS/AGPS Hammerhead PMB 2520.
microSD-Card Supported throught the Samsung_S3C2410
   LCD Module (LCM) TPO TD028TTEC1 module
   Touch Screen More info, see TPO TD028TTEC1
Stylus Seemingly identical to this one on ebay
   Bluetooth module Delta DFBM-CS320 Class2 Module
Bluetooth Headset This one is wired via PCM bus from the CSR Bluetooth chip to the Wolfson codec.
USB Host inside the Samsung S3C2410
USB Device inside the Samsung S3C2410
I2C Devices The I2C is a simple communication standard intended to move small amounts of data a few inches between chips.

Please see Neo I2C Devices for more information & a list of devices & the addresses currently in use & documented for the Neo1973.

Audio See also: Neo1973 Audio Subsystem
   Wolfson Codec WM8753
   Stereo Amplifier LM4857
   Analog wired Headset Analog wired Headset
Power Management Philips PCF50606
Battery Neo1973 Battery
Case Neo1973 case schematics

Alternate cases

A number of alternate case designs have been suggested and requested. Alternate Neo1973 case designs

Hardware revisions

Main article: GTA01 revisions

Debug Connector

Main article: Debug Board v2

Test points

  • GSM RTS - H-TP1531
  • GSM CTS - H-TP1530
  • GSM Modem on - R10818 - ungrounded end
  • GSM_EN - R1501 (not present) - ungrounded end

Distinguishing hardware revisions

Inside the U-Boot

Every hardware revision has its own u-boot image type. Thus, the U-Boot has the revision hard-coded. The hardware revision is passed on to the kernel via the ATAG mechanism (ATAG_REVISION)

Inside the Kernel

The kernel receives the ATAG_REVISION during bootup, and saves its contents in the "system_rev" global variable.

From Userspace

The kernel exports the system_rev variable in /proc/cpuinfo as "Revision :" line.

??? So does GTA01Bv4 equal the cat /proc/cpuinfo output of

Hardware        : GTA01
Revision        : 0240


  • CE compliance is needed before a product can be sold in the EU. The CE mark indicates that a product complies to the relevant legislation, defined in the harmonised standards. This refers also to the most relevant, for the Neo1973, Directive 89/336/EEC on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC is the art of assuring electromagnetic compatibility between products). The standards are defined by CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization), but not verified by any authority. It is the responsibilty of the manufacturer to convince himself that a product is in compliance, and is obligated to be able to prove this (with relevant technical documentation) for a specific product to the authorities on request. Whether the current Phase 1 devices are actually tested against the directives are unknown, no documentation has been disclosed, other than the fact that the devices bear the CE mark.

GTA01 FCC test report

FCC test report

GTA01 CE test report

CE test report

GTA01 NCC test report

For Taiwan Import usage:

NCC test report

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