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Openmoko has released the CAD files for the Neo 1973 and Neo FreeRunner under Creative Commons BY-SA license. These are available in the original Pro/ENGINEER (.asm and.prt) format and have also been converted to IGES (.igs) and STEP (.stp) formats.

Improved download packages of the files can be download here for ASM+PRT, IGES, STEP and BRL-CAD formats.

We welcome your assistance in providing other formats. If you are able to convert CAD files from Pro/E format to other formats, please contact [1]. We are especially interested in the DXF format and in images rendered from these files.


The following software is able to deal with these files containing the CAD models.


Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0 has been used originally to design the models. Note that this is proprietary software. See also official site

Cad files.jpg


FreeCAD is a free software program which can import STEP files. It is available in the Debian and openSUSE software repositories.


gCAD3D is able to import the IGES and STEP files. This is freeware (not free software). See also official site and Ubuntu package request.

An easy way to get started is to instal gCAD3D in /opt/ as /opt/gCAD3D/ and in its /opt/gCAD3D/dat/ directory make a symbolic link to the unpacked Neo_FreeRunner_GTA02_casing directory. Then start from /opt/gCAD3D/ the application with ./gCAD3D and via 'Open Model' in the 'File' menu you are able to select NEW-DIR and go to the step or iges directory and select either load gta02-mme01_asm.stp or gta02-mme01_asm.igs. While doing this, gCAD3D will something about DIR-1, simply click 'yes'. Note that both imports are done differently and both have their own particular buffer overflow errors. Try them both from a freshly started gCAD3D.

Loading the entire models will take some time, just let the application do its thing. If you are only concerned with some parts, the application will perform much better by loading only those. Please improve these instructions when possible.



VariCAD is also able to import the STEP files, but version 3.04 is not yet able to import the 3D IGES files, only 2D IGES files. VariCAD viewer is free to use, however VariCAD draw application is available in a trial version for one month or can be purchased for longer use. See also offical site and Ubuntu package request.

Loading the complete model is too much for VariCAD, however loading only the parts you are concerned with works very good. CTRL+M1 is pane, SHIFT+M1 is scale and CTRL+SHIT+M1 is rotate. Ubuntu/Debian package are available for download via official site.



BRL-CAD is free open source software and also capable of dealing with the IGES or STEP files but also in its native BRL-CAD file format, the models are available. See also official site and Ubuntu package request.

Please add a screenshot and instruction how to view the models in BRL-CAD.

File identification

Please extend the tabel below with 600x600 pixel indexed PNG screenshot for easy lookup of CAD model parts and asemblies.

type description filename screenshot
part mini USB male connector plug-mini-usb_prt Plug-mini-usb prt.png
part speaker decoration id-gtc-speaker-deco_prt Id-gtc-speaker-deco prt.png
assembly SIM slot dsc20-14xxx00_asm_3_asm Dsc20-14xxx00 asm 3 asm.png

Custom case or part manufacturing

Many 3D printing services currently exist to create your own Hardware:Neo1973:Alternate_Cases. See this article for more detailed info. A very good example is an extension back to include aditional hardware or larger batteries:

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