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This is a list of stuff you've done to your neo.


User Height fell Horizontal velocity Surface it hit Damage?
josch 3m bumped off the steps stairs - fell 14 steps until it reached the basement battery fell off - completely working afterwards
Speedevil 1m 0 carpet none
rwhitby 1.3m 0.25m/s pavement Front of case separated from middle around the BT antenna (the screws inside had been previously removed), AUX button dislodged (but could be replaced easily), scratches on silver on front top and rear right.
Johan 1.2m 0 tiled floor none
Pavel ~1m 0 carpet IIRC Case opened where it should not open, but "repair" was as easy as clicking it back together

Liquid Exposure

User Amount of liquid Type of liquid Damage?
bradpitcher total immersion water No apparent damage. I immediately opened the case and removed the battery, tried to shake off excess water, and let sit to dry for a day before restarting it. NOTE: this does not mean the Neo is waterproof. Do NOT try this at home!


User Symptom Circumstances Damage?
freelock AUX button broke One day it just quit clicking, no tactile feedback Took apart the front of the Neo, and the little contact had popped off the circuit board. Now I need to find a soldering iron and remember how to do this kind of thing!
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