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Mokopedia running on Openmoko

Mokopedia is one of the applications that runs on the Openmoko Phones. For a list of all applications, visit Applications

Mokopedia main.png Mokopedia

Read Wikipedia offline from small optimized dumps

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This project aims to provide software to create and use small size wikipedia dumps for embedded Linux devices.

All Wikipedia pages will be stripped down html files compressed in a squashfs lzma image.

For more info visit the official website:

Join our irc channel on freenode: #mokopedia.

It's the goal to make ALL the articles (except images) of Wikipedia (including formatting, linking, tables, formulas) fit on very little space.

Tests show that the German Wikipedia will be around 1.3GB and the English Wikipedia around 4GB so with flash storage prices dropping I will not bother removing certain articles - the dumps will include everything.

Some installation instructions can be found at (english) or (german).

Development status

Some people are already running the new mokopedia on their freerunners but i wont announce any official info until enwiki isnt done so up to now there are only dewiki and others that are possible to use.

I you are interested to get it running on you freerunner join our irc channel and i will explain the few steps you have to take.

In the near feature there will be ipkgs for everything.

To everybody that was familiar with the old implementation

There is no lighty needed anymore - i now implement the server in a simple python script.

Now we have FULLTEXT search - yeah you hear right. a fulltext search through 6.8 GB of dewiki is possible in mere 20 seconds on the neo1973.

Now there are also a lot of things already implemented as ipkg - only the server is left but will follow soon.

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