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Mokometeo 0.6

V0.2 screenshot
V0.6 screenshot


Mokometeo is a small python/elementary application fetching the weather forecast from WeatherUnderground weather pages



You need python-elementary and python-netclient to make it work.

OM and SHR

So to install it, you can do :

opkg install python-elementary python-netclient

Also need dependancies (on SHR testing) :

opkg install python-netclient

Using Mokometeo

  • For version 0.5 and higher, once the package (and dependencies) is installed, simply click on the desktop icon. A default configuration file ~/.mokometeo.cfg will be created which can be edited to your liking. Previous and next locations are selected using the buttons at the bottom of the screen, and if a network connection is active the forecast can be updated using the Refresh button. The forecast for all locations is saved in the configuration file so that a network connection is not necessary for switching locations after starting mokometeo. The middle area (containing the forecast information) is now scrollable using the standard elementary finger scrolling action.
  • In the 0.2 version, there is a bug. To be able to use Mokometeo, please type theses commands before launching it:
mkdir /home/root/.mokometeo
mkdir /home/root/.mokometeo/img
cp /usr/share/mokometeo/question.png /home/root/.mokometeo/img/
  • for the german 0.3, you don't need this
  • Just click on the desktop icon Mokometeo.png called "Mokometeo" to load the software.
  • You will see a window appearing, with a 4 days forecast : Today, tomorrow (J+1), the day after (J+2) , etc.
  • You can use the Next and Previous buttons to change the displayed city.
  • If you have no internet connection, you will have to wait a little bit, and then the window will show "question marks" and "-" as min and max temperatures
  • Next time you starup Mokometeo, the last fetched data will be displayed.

Enjoy !

Configuring Mokometeo

Version 0.5 and higher

The configuration file ~/.mokometeo.cfg has a section named [Main] which looks like:

units = celsius
lastview = 0
locations = Melbourne,AU:Perth,AU:Paris,FR

The locations line can be edited and colon (:) separated locations of your choice added. I've found that <city>,<country abbreviation> works well with the WeatherUnderground API. It's probably worth checking using this URL:,AU

(or similar) to make sure it returns the location you're expecting.

The units line can also be changed to fahrenheit if desired.

Previous versions

  • By default, 2 cities are configured. You can change the cities and add more in the file

This file must contains at minimum 2 lines. The first line is


The second and next lines is the name of the city, and the url (tested with french yahoo weather urls), for example:



2010-01-12 - v0.6

  • Added ability to add & remove locations using the GUI.
  • Fixed problem where a space in the location designation caused the script to abort.

2009-12-14 - v0.5

  • Now uses the elementary GUI instead of Gtk+.
  • Now uses the Weather Underground site instead of Yahoo weather (better API).
  • Six days of forecast available.
  • Now uses a single file (~/.mokometeo.cfg) for configuration and location history. The .mokometeo directory is no longer needed.
  • Weather icons are not downloaded on the fly, they're part of the package.
  • History is saved for all defined locations

2009-03-13 - v0.2

  • added some "print" in the code
  • debug the .mokometeo folder ; put the config folder in /home/root/.mokometeo/ instead of /.mokometeo/
  • test if the connection to internet is ok. If not, display question marks
  • backup the data each time data is downloaded and displayed. This data is used on the next Mokometeo startup
  • added the date and time when the data has been downloaded

2009-03-12 - v0.1

initial version

Future improvements / To do list

  • Use the GUI to add/remove locations
  • debug the initial copy of /usr/share/mokometeo/question.png into /home/root/.mokometeo/img/
  • improve the way the connection to Yahoo is handled
  • test with different languages / locations
  • handle backup data for each city in the config file

Sources and contribution

You can access the sources and participate by commiting patches via the google code mercurial : To be able to commit:

  • you need a gmail email adress
  • I must add you as a user, so please contact me (or edit the discussion tab of this page)
  • You can use this password hN8CP6BV5mT7
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