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microSD is the format of the removable flash memory cards used in Neo 1973 and Neo Freerunner devices. Additionally the Neo Freerunner support microSDHC.

For more informations about this format see microSD on Wikipedia.

A list of supported cards can be found at Supported microSD cards.


Important features

Important note: Wear-leveling and ECC error correction and detection is not part of the SD card specification (version 2.0 SDHC), so please check for yourself that the SD(HC)-card support and use:

  • built-in ECC error correction and detection
  • Wear Leveling technology

If the manufacturer advertises the card with e.g. 1,000,000 hours MTBF, it might be a strong indication that the above features are used.

Other important specifications are:

  • Low power consumption
  • Number of insertions the card endures - 10,000 seems to be good quality.
  • Total I/O operations per second


  • A log-structured file system (e.g. NILFS2) when available, ought to be a good choice because of the continuous snapshotting.


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