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Mer is a distribution based on Maemo

Mer is being ported to Freerunner, thanks to the support of Eshopen distributor of OpenMoko in Italy, by Vincenzo Ampolo (goshawk) and Carsten M. Munk (Stskeep).

The latest release 0.15 cannot be downloaded from BROKEN LINKS

Older version (0.14) cannot be download from BROKEN LINKS

If the file was available, this is how it would be installed to a sd-card.

Empty sd card.
Unpack mer-armel-freerunner-rootfs-v0.15.tar.gz to card.
(Use card reader. Or if you have freerunner running, download image (125M) straight on card and run with root privileges:
 gunzip mer-armel-freerunner-rootfs-v0.15.tar.gz  (takes 6min)
 tar xf mer-armel-freerunner-rootfs-v0.15.tar.gz  (takes 11min)

You would also be able to do:

Empty sd card.
Unpack only the gzip file in your computer, run
gunzip mer-armel-freerunner-rootfs-v0.15.tar.gz
Use ssh and tar to decompress the file, run in your computer:
cat mer-armel-freerunner-rootfs-v0.15.tar | ssh root@ "cd /mnt/card ; tar xvf -"
-but you can't because the file is not available

You need qi-boot menu installed. Then just turn phone on. First boot takes time. It shows error/warning about missing BOOT, but it is booting! When it ask username and password click text field and you will get on-screen-keyboard. Then it restart X and you are in.


Press mer-text on upper left corner to application menu (there are only xterm in utilities).

It is Ubuntu, so you are normal user in admin group. Use sudo and your user password to maintenance.

WiFi are not working. It doesn't have ifconfig. Usb-Networking works (with usb0), but after coping the rootfs to sd-card, you could change the ip-adresses in /etc/network/interfaces to .0.202(neo)/.0.200(desktop) for easier connecting. the default passwd is "rootme".

You can read the Mer wiki page about Freerunner for up-to-date info

A lot of work is still to be done. Developers are now focused on the creation of a usable keyboard and porting the FSO framework in Mer.

The first alpha image can be downloaded and installed with following instructions:

(User:RzR) was able to make a demo and to provide a bootable image of Mer for Freerunner. Download it to your sdcard and boot it! And check out the video demo at:

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