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Efforts Toward Marketing the GTA04

In the circles I've been in, this is called "outreach." We're trying to get excited about a product here so I'll just go with the much more used term, "marketing."

I am not a marketing expert by any means. I only wish to throw ideas out there and implement what I have time for. If there are any marketing experts, heck, if you're even just interestedm please help out! Please post more places where we can send a press release or start a discussion. Anyone can do this. When starting the discussion or writing a press release, the only experience you really need is the ability to write in your native language. I'm only familiar with English sources but anything will work.

Discussion points / significant features

  1. The GTA04 *requires* an FR / NEO1974.
    This should serve as a request to get people who have these collecting dust, selling them online. Maybe this should be made more explicit?
  2. The GTA04 has vastly improved on every area of the FR.
    Assure no bugs to receiving calls, GPU bottlenecks solved etc...
  3. The GTA04 is made in a proper factory in the EU, and of quality parts, in small runs - hence the price tag.
    This will appeal to those of us who want things done right, not cheap.
  4. There are are non-free chunks.
    Talk about how the FSF wanted the wifi firmware isolated so it cannot interfere with the O/S, though no prototype was ever made so it's just like normal. Firmware in /lib/firmware ready for anyone who wants to write a FOSS replacement.
  5. limitations to freedom in android devices in general (depending on the target audience). I say android because the simplistic view in the public is iPhones are propietary and Android free (some even think iPhones are somehow open because they're not MS or something, I've been surprised by people's assumptions). Anyway, if we're targetting GTA02 owners we don't need to say this.

Areas to Spread the Word

Online News

Submit a press release or however else the site get's news.

Articles Already Published

Places to send Press Release / Request for an Article / Pre-Written Articles

  • Ars Technica
  • Life Hacker
  • Make Magazine
  • Phoronix ask for expansion on GTA04 form [1]
  • 2600 Magazine They take fully written articles by readers. Someone with a hardcopy please post submission guidelines and address.
  • Lwn How has there been nothing since July?! [2]
  • Market Watch They did some articles on Openmoko a while back. Please investigate how to submit press releases to them. Not particularly geek oriented though good for getting the name out to potential investors.

FOSS Mailing Lists

This area cannot be done with a press release blast. Well it can, but I don't think the subscribers will appreciate spam. Ideally each of us can write a post about the GTA04 on any other FOSS lists we are on.

  • Debian User List
    • User, Arm-netbooks
  • LXDE list <>
  • Lubuntu <>
  • Plasma Active
  • Gnome Shell <>


  • Lugor Sent by bneil Jan. 5th 2012
  • VanLUG
  • CLUG


Pre-Written Press Releases

Good reasons to purchase a GTA04

  • Designed for freedom, so there's no need to root, jailbreak, or otherwise circumvent manufacturer restrictions
  • Your choice of OS: Qtmoko, SHR, and Debian are fully supported
  • Made in Germany under safe working conditions with fair wages
  • Hacker-friendly: The user is encouraged to tinker under the hood
  • Fully documented schematics
  • Fully open bootloader, kernel - no secrets, no overprotection
  • Easily replaceable battery
  • 3D CAD data available: if you're so inclined you could design and 3D print your own case
  • FM receiver/transmitter option with RDS (a rare feature)
  • Complete set of sensors (barometer, compass, accelerometer, gyroscope, GPS)
  • B2B connector to use it as a System on Module
  • Very high display resolution (282 ppi, higher density than the iPad's acclaimed "Retina Display") [3]
  • Purchasing a GTA04 now will encourage the future development of more phones where "freedom" is a design criterion
  • ... and a friendly community allowing for direct discussions with the core developers (ask for that for an iPhone or Samsung :)
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