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Audio applications, music players (hamradio, midi, mixer, sequencer, tuner, audio-video editing, audio player, recorder, musical software).

No-screenshot.png Openmoko-mediaplayer2

Media player originally written for Om 2007.2.

Package: openmoko-mediaplayer2
Tested on: Om 2008.8

Source code:

No-screenshot.png Qtopia Mediaplayer

Plays music.

Package: qtopia-phone-x11-mediaplayer
Tested on: Om 2008.8

Satan surface.png Satan

Music composing software

Package: satan
Tested on: Om 2008.8

Source Code Download:

Openmokast screen capture main.png Openmokast

Openmokast is a digital broadcasting application that can use a USB DAB/DMB device to receive mobile multimedia services.

Tested on:

Mokoko.png Mokoko

Mokoko is a media player program, you can use it to play mp3 and ogg files on Neo.

Tested on:

Pythm.png Pythm

Pythm is a media player frontend, designed to control mplayer or mpd with one GUI on the FreeRunner. As of writing, you need to download python-mokoui separately.

Package: -
Tested on: -

Dictator recpage.png Dictator

The most undemocratic dictation and recording-application ever.

Package: Dictator
Tested on: SHR-Testing

Callrecorder.png Call Recorder

A call recording application

Package: callrec
Tested on: SHR

No-screenshot.png Vagalume

Vagalume is a GTK+ based client. It shipped with the OM Team Status Report 2008.11.1

Package: - (angstrom)
Tested on: 2008.11.1

Thomas's K. mediaplayer project (pre-alpha).


Building instruction: Since epeg is still not in the debian repository so I compiled it from the source package I got from Here are the compiled packages:

Instructions: Place the binary and the edj file into the same directory (the edj file has to be in the working directory) and start it with:

audioplayer <music-root-dir>

Also nomminated: qmmp, sonata, quasar.

See also

Most of the video players also play audio:

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