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Not really sure that it should be here, but I am in the lighting industry. Among other things, we work with alot of intelligent (lol) lighting and programmable led lighting. I am aware of efforts in LLA and the Q lighting controller for dmx control on GNU/Linux, however I would think that a solution on the freerunner would be an awesome display of the capabilities of what you can do with open source software. Unless some Qlc interface could be written to accomidate the screen size and input capabilities of the freerunner, and the backends could be made to communicate with the computer that is actually connected to the dmx adaptor, the obvious solution would have to involve deeper work so far as a way to pipe communications to the device. That in itself would rely more on the way the current libs and modules are set up, and if they would allow reading of current values on the connection, thus allowing multiple interfaces/applications simultanious access to the universe. Otherwise, some middleware would be needed to allow remote access to the device. All of this would be far beyond my abilities, and help (read "someone to do it for me", lol) would be needed. It is, after all, just an idea on the idea page.

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