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libopkg is the library interface to Opkg.

Current Status

The current API is not documented, nor intended for general use. Many important functions are missing or incomplete. There is a new proposed API outlined below.

Proposed API

This is a proposed complete API for libopkg.

Type Definitions

typedef _opkg_t opkg_t;


opkg_t* opkg_new ();
void opkg_free (opkg_t *opkg);
int opkg_install_package (opkg_t *opkg, char *package_name);
int opkg_remove_package (opkg_t *opkg, char *package_name);
int opkg_upgrade_package (opkg_t *opkg, char *package_name);
int opkg_system_upgrade (opkg_t *opkg);
int opkg_update_package_lists (opkg_t *opkg);
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