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Packages for development

The knjRepository includes the following interesting packages:

  1. php526 - PHP 5.2.6 CLI support, which enables you to write CLI-scripts for your OpenMoko. It also includes PDO (SQLite3) support.
  2. php526-gtk2 - PHP-GTK enables you to write GTK-applications in PHP.
  3. ruby1.8 - Enables you to use Ruby scripts on your OpenMoko.
  4. libgtk2-ruby1.8 - Enables Ruby to use Gtk.
  5. libsqlite3-ruby1.8 - Enables you to use SQLite3-databases in Ruby.
  6. libglade2-ruby1.8 - Enables you to use Glade with Gtk-applications in Ruby.
  7. ruby1.8-icalendar - A Ruby-lib for parsing iCal-files.
  8. ruby1.8-googlecalendar - A Ruby-lib for working with a Google Calendar.

(and a lot of other Ruby-extensions like SOAP and WSDL)

A list of all the packages can be found here.

Application packages

  • KnjMokoEmail - An application to read and send email.
  • KnjMokoWifi - An application for configuring the wireless interface in the OpenMoko-phone. It works with WPA, WEP and no-encryption. It supports profiles, so you dont have to remember passwords for each wireless access point used. It is written in PHP-GTK. Furthermore it can disable the routing-gateway on the USB-networking interface, making the default gateway WiFi. It can also start a DHCP-request to obtain an IP address and so on for the wireless interface.
  • KnjMokoOPKG - A graphical frontend for Opkg.
  • knjMokoCalendar - An application for viewing your Google Calendar on your OpenMoko phone written in Ruby. This application is still kind of unstable, since there isn't implemented any error handling. It will also cache events for viewing where there is no network connection
  • knjMokoSettings - An application which allows a user to carry out various administrative tasks on their phone, such as restarting the X-server, rebooting the phone, turning off/on the Wifi and more, via a graphical interface.

How to use

You can configure your phone to use the repository by doing the following:

wget -O /etc/opkg/knjrepository.conf
opkg update

(ignore the signature errors)

Then if you want to install PHP-GTK, you can do this:

opkg install php526 php526-gtk2

Or if you want Ruby with Gtk-support:

opkg install ruby1.8 libgtk2-ruby1.8 libglade2-ruby1.8 libsqlite3-ruby1.8

Made by

The repository has been set up and is maintained by Kasper Johansen.

The PHP-packages has been packaged by Derick Rethans.

The Ruby-packages has been packaged by Kero van Gelder.

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