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KnjMokoWifi - Connecting to an AP.png knjMokoWifi

Package: knjmokowifi
Tested on: Debian, Om 2008.8, SHR Testing

About the application

knjMokoWifi is an application for managing the wireless interface in the OpenMoko. The first version of the application was released 2009 in february, but the development began in December 2008. It has been written by Kaspernj and can be downloaded through the Knjrepository.

The newest version is stable and useable. It supports no-encryption, WEP Key, WEP String and WPA through wpa-supplicant. It works be generating working configs for wpa-supplicant and executing commands like udhcp (the DHCP-tool on the OpenMoko), iwconfig and such.

Further more it supports profiles, where you can save essid's and key's, so you dont have to enter all that stuff over and over.

The application is written in PHP and uses the PHP-GTK extension.

The application it currently developed for Debian as the operating system on the phone, but it also works with OM2008 or SHR.


KnjMokoWifi - Main Window.png

KnjMokoWifi - Connecting to an AP.png

KnjMokoWifi - Status Window.png

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