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KnjMokoOPKG is an application to install, remove and search for software through Opkg.

Instead of using Opkg directly (which is horribly slow), it uses knjOPKGDB (which is a SQLite3-database with information about the packages), making it much faster than similar tools.

It is written in PHP-GTK.

How to get it

It can be install through the Knjrepository like this:

opkg install knjmokoopkg

In case the above fails, try:

opkg install 
opkg install 
opkg install 
opkg install 
opkg install


Knjmokoopkg mainmenu.png

Knjmokoopkg archives.png

Knjmokoopkg search.png

Knjmokoopkg viewpackage.png

Knjmokoopkg generating knjopkgdb.png

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