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il·lume (ĭ-lōōm') tr.v. To illuminate. Bringing light to the darkness of the mobile world.



Illume is a module for Enlightenment that modifies the user interface of enlightenment to work cleanly and nicely on a mobile device - such as an Openmoko phone. It is currently geared more for a 480x640 (VGA) portrait mode screen but can be trivially modified to work on QVGA or any other resolution. The Final goal is to have it work on a wide range of resolutions seamlessly.


It combines an application launcher interface along with an application manager and switcher, virtual keyboard support, as well as forcing certain simple layout policies on applications (such as making their main windows borderless and fullscreen except for Illume's control bar), as well as support for the X11 port of qtopia.

Getting Started

Here is how to get started and install Illume on your desktop and try it out. This would also allow development on it, adding features you need and testing them. For this you will want code. First you will want Enlightenment's latest and greatest. How much do you want? You can get the whole repository, or just the bits you need. If you want the whole thing in one checkout, please see for information. If you want to just get a quick script that does it for you try - this script will check out only the bits of SVN you need. It also assumes you have sudo root access and if on Ubuntu or Debian it will try and install packages known to be needed for building, or useful. Read the script if you are not sure. If it doesn't know what distribution you use, you will need to try and have a working compiler, autotools etc. etc. yourself. Once you have run this and built and installed everything you will need illume, so fetch it with:

svn checkout

Now you just need to build it like everything else. (it is assumed you know about CFLAGS, LDFLAGS, PKG_CONFIG_PATH, PATH etc. in installing software and compiling it). Illume compiles like everything else in E land - standard autotools, so (in Illume's source directory):

sudo make install

This will compile and install Illume. As Illume is a module, not a program in its own right, you need to run it with Enlightenment, so use the provided run-script:


and if you have Xephyr installed and everything went ok, a 480x640 window will pop up - with Enlightenment in it on your DISPLAY=:1 X display with all your system's app icons there.


The bar at the top


The gadgets in the Slipshelf


The icons you see on the desktop

Virtual Touchscreen Illume Keyboard

Main article: Illume keyboard


How to configure illume via its own config dialog


What is this dbus goop?

See also

Raster explains mostly everything in this and that thread. We still need a good synthesis though.


  • no support for freedesktop systray specifications bug# 455
  • no support for EWMH (it seems only _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW is working) bug# 456
  • X11-16 broken and suggested as being unusable bug# 454
  • keyboard doesn't work in landscape mode (disabling/enabling keyboard (in one go) in settings works around it) bug# 358
  • no support for subfolders bug# 457
  • if no keyboard is selected, no application can work in full screen bug# 398

please correct the above if wrong a/o add workarounds

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