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The application will know our location (work, home, etc.) by comparing your current GPS coordinates to your list of tagged locations. When you are at a location and you have nothing to do you can open Idle Hands and it will randomly select a small task that is appropriate to that location.

  • Tasks can have multiple tags. For example, "clean mouse ball" might be appropriate for both work and home.
  • The user should be able to hit a next bottom to skip the currently listed task. This is a Finger-Based application.

Use Cases

  • I might list the following as work tasks: fill stapler, empty trash bin, clean mouse ball, wipe off monitor. This way when a meeting gets pushed back five minutes I don't have to sit around and doing nothing. I can fire up Idle hands, which will randomly provide me with a small task I can do. This is good because I'd rather refill my stapler when I have nothing else to do than in the middle of stapling a stack of things.

Layout Components

Application Area

  • Describe the layout of the application and any important modes

Footer Area

Status Bar

  • Describe what is displayed


  • Describes limitations and available of functional aspects


  • Each task might also have a property stating how much time should pass before it is randomly selected again. For example, if today is Friday and I cleaned my mouse ball on Monday, that task should not come up.

Architectural Details

  • Items to clear up non-trivial functionality. For instance, diagrams for event / communication flow, data structures, timing details, etc...
Use and reference open standards whenever appropriate

Implementation Recommendations

  • Recommendations on libraries, data structures, etc.. for implementation
Use and reference open standards whenever appropriate


  • Details of any cross-application interactions

Unresolved Issues

  • List any unresolved issues, topics, functionality, etc...

Questions and Answers

  • List very common questions with their answers here. Everything else should use the Wiki's discussion feature.
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