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Alternate case for the Neo1973, with second microSD slot/CF slot/1.8" hard drive


Rendered images

3D model





microSD adapter
CF adapter
1.8"hard drive


Leave your nickname here if you are interested in having one made. This is not an order form, but is intended to gauge interest before effort is expended designing the case.

No Nick
1. ruskie
2. NJarek
3. Deedend
4. sin
5. larstobi
6. Yota_VGA A second microsd is very usefull for temporary file storage and transfers with other device
7. Theocrite A second MicroSD, why not. But please no HD ! It's mechanic (so it's noisy, less reliable, it drains energy, etc.).
8. slimfast1623
9. msee A second MicroSD.
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