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Alternate case for the Neo1973, with an ambient light sensor mounted on the front.



The inclusion of an ambient light sensor allows the brightness of the screen to be automatically altered according to lighting conditions. This avoids excessive battery drain and intrusive light being emitted from the screen when in dark environments, and allows the screen to be viewed in brightly lit environments.

Rendered images

3D model





Ambient light sensor
Option 1: from Farnell NZ


Leave your nickname here if you are interested in having one made. This is not an order form, but is intended to gauge interest before effort is expended designing the case.

No Nick

  1. ruskie
  2. sin
  3. Bootlessjam
  4. willjcroz
  5. Dev
  6. Deedend
  7. Oatty
  8. Fradeve11
  9. larstobi
  10. joe
  11. jackcday
  12. PipBoy2000
  13. frafra
  14. Agh
  15. Kosa
  16. Nikolay Kasatkin
  17. Theocrite
  18. Ritesh Khadgaray
  19. Blalien
  20. slimfast1623
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