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Identical geometry (material thickness may change slightly to allow for manufacturing process changes) to the one supplied as part of the phone, constructed from alternate materials. This would also allow for custom patterns to be etched/engraved/moulded/printed/embossed onto the case.


Rendered images

3D model


  • Aluminium
    • Anodised
    • Brushed
  • Carbon-fibre/epoxy composite
  • Inlaid, precision machine-cut calibrated genuine gemstones
  • Rubber-feel polymer
  • Solid surface materials (e.g. Corian, Avonite)
  • Stainless steel
  • Polymer
    • Clear
  • Wood (see the wooden cases made by Miniot for the iPhone in oak, cherry, maghony, walnut, ... for inspiration what a wooden FreeRunner could look like.)
  • Concrete


Wound composite laminating


Leave your nickname here if you are interested in having one made. This is not an order form, but is intended to gauge interest before effort is expended designing the case.

No Nick
1. ruskie - stainless steel case
2. JoSch - anodised aluminium
3. ShakataGaNai — Personally brushed alum. But I think engraved would be cool for a corp environment (think company phones).
4. larstobi - carbon fibre/kevlar/epoxy
5. Jackcday — Engraved would be very cool, Brushed Alum would be cool and possibly glow i/t dark or heat reactive material would be cool(change colour where you touch it!).
6. kuyky - brushed steel/kevlar/wood :D
7. m0wlwurf - Polymer Clear
8. BioGeek - wood
9. Ritesh Khadgaray - Carbon fiber
9. Blalien - Carbon fiber or Aluminium
10. neocoretech - like BioGeek said - wood rocks... (no, not rocks, WOOD ;)
n/a WOOAAAHH Guys metal is a no-no unless you don't mind that GSM, BT and wifi are shielded by your nice metal case. Even Apples recent metallized laptops have crap wifi perf....
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