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This page is a repository for alternate case designs for the Neo 1973, intended to be designed, built and fitted by the community/the phone's owner. Many specific suggestions can be found in Wish List - Hardware#Casing and corresponding links.

Each alternate case design suggestion needs some or all of: a description, intended uses, design options, a 3D model in an open format (e.g. .stl, .blend (Blender), .obj (Wavefront), .aoi (Art of Illusion) ), rendered images of the intended design, materials, components and information regarding interfacing electronically to components within the phone.


Case schematics

The CAD models of the Neo 1973 and Neo FreeRunner have been published under a Creative Commons License: see Neo1973 case schematics.


There are numerous rapid prototyping companies that will very cheaply make small run components from various polymers, including:

Ponoko - requires EPS files (makes 2D flat cut-outs)

Rapid Object - requires STL or VRML (for extra detailed models) files

Rapid Prototyping New Zealand - 3D powder based printer, not particularly well suited to this application.

Red Eye RPM - requires STL files

Other materials may require traditional manufacturing techniques including milling, forging, injection-moulding, either by the user or short-run companies such as:

eMachine Shop - Requires companies own MS Windows based drawing software

(4 axis) gantry style cnc router for hire. Click for inquiries



Cost Example

Rapid Object charge from 1.9 Euros per cm^3 of material (photosensitive polymer) used, plus postage. The case for the Neo looks to be about 1.5mm thick, so conservatively, the back of the case will be approximately:
120 x 60 x 1.5
+ 120 x 9 x 1.5 x 2 (2 sides)
= 10,800
+ 3,240

= 14,040 mm^3

~ 14 cm^3

~ 26 Euros

and the front will be (allowing for the screen hole):
(120 x 60 - 43 x 58) x 1.5
+ 120 x 9 x 1.5 x 2 (2 sides)
= 7,059
+ 3,240

= 10,299 mm^3

~ 10cm^3

~ 19 Euros


Some users may want combinations of the variants listed - popular/simple options such as Stylus Mount/Different speaker orientation/Extra battery/Extra storage may be combined into one model. This should be taken into account when creating 3D models; i.e. it will simplify things later if the addition of (say) a solar panel, does not encroach on the area used for a touch strip, etc.

Design Variant Suggestions

Some of these are a copy of requests in Wish List - Hardware#Casing, some are from ideas thrown up in the community mailing list.

Many of these cannot be implemented without some design changes to the phone PCB. As mentioned in Expansion Back

Alternate Case Suggestion Format

  • 1 Rendered images
    • Images & any videos
    • Neo1973.png
  • 2 3D model
  • 3 Etching templates
  • 4 Materials
  • 5 Processes
  • 6 Interest
    • who's interested in this design
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