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TouchKo's (now Wacom Company Ltd.) spatial capacitive "touchscreen", can sense fingers at a small distance, so you do not get your display greasy, and can unlike some touchscreens, be operated with gloves.

I do not know how good or bad it works.

Thought educational example:

  • If the Neo1973 detect a finger have pressed the screen, the Neo1973 should vibrate two short times and reply one of these:
    • "You can touch my screen, but I also understand close proximity finger sign language.".
    • "Do not touch my screen, I understand close proximity finger sign language.".
  • [jackcday|jackcday] I definitely agree with this idea, it would make a very nice system of using the phone, perhaps having it like the Graphics Tablets where you can move the cursor or highlight something, but when you actually press down it selects it.
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