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Main window for search address
Window for gecocaching
Window for delete POI
Window for select where do you want to export a POI
Window for export POI to KML
Window with preview of POI with zoom button


gtkaddpoi is a simple gtk interface for searching for an address and adding it as a POI (Point of Interest) in TangoGPS. You can also insert the coordinates and a description for geocaching. It uses Yahoo Maps API to find the coordinates of a given address and adds the POI to the TangoGPS database. You can also delete a POI from TangoGPS database or export to KML or into Navit bookmark.


You can download opkg file from following link

and then:

opkg install sqlite3 gtkaddpoi_0.7_all.opk

or directly:

opkg install sqlite3

Or you can use repository . To add the repository, do this:

cd /etc/opkg

and then:

opkg update
opkg install sqlite3 gtkaddpoi


  • You can't use ' or "" in the name of POI because queries won't work


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