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Hardware Works
Neo 1973 ?
FreeRunner yes
GTA04 ?
HTC-Dream ?
Other ?


GameRunner is an Openmoko Linux distribution. It aims convert the Freerunner open mobile phone in a Linux-based handheld game console.

It is simple, and contains cool and suitable open source games for Linux mobile devices.



There are two installation ways: through MicroSD or flashing


You need a 1GB MicroSD and to download the following files:

If your MicroSD is less than 1GB then you can install the minimal rootfs and specific games manually.

  • If you use uBoot, you need to create two partitions. First partition, not so big, in FAT16 or ext2 where you have to place the kernel file (uImage.bin) and second partition in ext2 where you have to uncompress the filesystem file (gamerunner-rootfs-X.Y.tar.gz). Some uBoot version reads the "uimage" kernel image file (yes, without .bin and "i", no "I").
  • If you use Qi, you only need an ext2 partition into your µSD Card where you uncompress the filesystem image file (gamerunner-rootfs-X.Y.tar.gz).


  1. Download the following files:
  2. Press AUX button first, hold it and press Power button
  3. Attach your Freerunner to the USB cable
  4. Type in the terminal the following commands
sudo dfu-util -a kernel -R -D /path/to/uImage.bin-for-NAND
dfu-util -a rootfs -R -D /path/to/gamerunner-rootfs-full-0.3.jffs2

Ported applications

  • The Battle of Wesnoth
  • Free Heroes II
  • XGalaga
  • Road Fighter
  • Gnu Boy
  • XVier
  • Block Rage
  • GNURobbo
  • Mplayer
  • Super Nintendo Emulator
  • Grafx2
  • Quake 1
  • Teend Ball Z
  • Powermanga
  • OpenTyrian
  • MokoMaze
  • Duke Nukem 3D
  • Doom
  • OpenTTD
  • ScummVM
  • Numptyphysics
  • Pingus
  • Linball
  • Acceleroids
  • Xmahjongg
  • FatFingerShell
  • Xboard

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