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FoxtrotGPS is one of the applications that runs on the Openmoko Phones. For a list of all applications, visit Applications

Foxtrotgps1.png FoxtrotGPS

FoxtrotGPS – ”the friendly FOSS GPS” – is a map application that is based on TangoGPS. It has plenty of features and uses Neo's built-in GPS to show your current location. It automatically downloads maps from eg. and you can download map tiles for offline use too. It is translated into several languages, and more translations are welcome.

Package: foxtrotgps
Tested on: SHR, Debian


FoxtrotGPS is a map application which can show your current location. It also has features like showing points of interests and waypoints, but at its base it's not an actual navigation application which would tell you routes.



Installing and Running FoxtrotGPS

Install package foxtrotgps.

Run it from the menu or from command line. You may want to start gpsd GPS daemon, if it's not automatically started for you by the distribution, and likewise turn on the GPS chip on the FreeRunner (for example om gps power 1 with the om tool from omhacks package).

Improving FoxtrotGPS

FoxtrotGPS welcomes patches, translations, fixes and discussion:

More Information

Many of the tips on the TangoGPS wiki page also apply to FoxtrotGPS.

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