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Fingertier-0.1.0.png Fingertier

Fingertier (German for the Aye-eye) is a minimal 'Ipod Shuffle like' finger friendly music player. It is implemented in Vala and uses GLib, GTK and Gstreamer.

Package: fingertier
Tested on: SHR unstable, Debian

Fingertier @


Version: 0.2.0

  • supports mp3, ogg and flac (in theory any format supported by Gstreamer)
  • play/pause, previous, next
  • sorted playlist (cyclic)
  • volume control
  • tags and album cover display
  • player prevents the phone from sleeping while running



opkg-cl install


  • Edit 'LIBRARY_PATH' in ~/.fingertier/fingertier.conf to setup your music library folder. The default music folder is ~/Music.
  • Files called 'cover.jpg' or 'folder.jpg' in the same folder as your track are displayed by the player. The list of accepted cover file names can be configured in ~/.fingertier/fingertier.conf too.
  • A click on the cover reveals the configuration menu, where you can change the volume.
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