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Date: Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 February 2011

Unfortunately the request for a dedicated Devroom was declined. So let's collect interesting talks and attendents. I.e. create sort of a "Visitors Guide".

The official FOSDEM agenda is here:

For reference, here is the page from last year: Fosdem_2010

Main Talks


Lightning Talks



Openmoko can share booth space at the booth, which sports open projects like Makerbot, Milkymist, Watts'nzCity, or Shruthi-1. You can find the tables in the H building. Contact wim or john for more.


Hardware fixes

Is there anyone around who can do the buzz (and optionally the other) fixes on my FreeRunner?

I probably could help here, if someone brings equipment (solder iron, tweezers, ..) and needed parts.
--Cmair 17:32, 2 February 2011 (UTC)


Yes, I will be there

Who Saturday Sunday 'Comment
User:Hns x x Will try to show a running GTA04 at the Hackable Devices stand
aSThRo/ x Meet friends, watch some good confs, fix some phones @ noon on HackableDevice stand...
user:boudewijn x Meet OM'ers, enjoy the weekend, helping a hand
user:wvdputte x x booth bunny and logistic
user:nightlybuild x x booth bunny and logistic
user:cmair x x Enjoy the weekend, discuss open phones, watch great talks ...
User:GNUtoo x x Will have some devices running SHR(htc dream,nokia N900, openmoko freerunner...)
Jan Vlug x Hoping to get my Freerunner fixed...


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