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FBReader is an e-book reader program. It can display txt, fb2, html and various other formats (see http://www.fbreader.org/about.php for more details).

FBReader on Debian with XFCE

Installing under Debian is quite simple:

# apt-get install fbreader

After that it will appear in XFCE menu (if you use XFCE of course).

Simple hack to fit the screen

Launching program causes it to exceed Neo screen, making it will useless to read books. That's because packing layout of toolbar that is too long. To fix this, we can disable some unnecessary buttons. Save current configuration of your toolbar, then edit:

# cp /usr/share/FBReader/default/toolbar.xml /usr/share/FBReader/default/toolbar.xml.orig
# vi /usr/share/FBReader/default/toolbar.xml

My suggestion is to edit configuration file like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <menuButton id="showLibrary"/>
 <button id="addBook"/>
 <button id="toc"/>
 <button id="search"/>
 <button id="findPrevious"/>
 <button id="findNext"/>
 <button id="preferences"/>
 <button id="rotate"/>

After that FBReader should fit the screen.

Read-book.png | Library.png

Read-book.png FBReader

E-book reader program (TXT, FB2, HTML and more)

Homepage: http://www.fbreader.org
Package: fbreader
Tested on: Debian

FBReader on OM2008.*

To install, simply run:

# opkg install http://www.opkg.org/packages/0_fbreader_0.8.2a-r7+elleopatches_om-gta02.ipk


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