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There are a number of blogs written by people in the Openmoko community that are not part of the official feed, however can be accessed individually with the URLs below:

Blog Name Author Description Feed
devzero.net Jim McDonald Application development (focused on messaging) http://beta.blogger.com/feeds/6353086131724697255/posts/summary/-/openmoko
unethicalblogger.com R. Tyler Ballance Porting Mono to Openmoko http://unethicalblogger.com/blog_categories/openmoko/feed
Openmoko.org.PL Bartłomiej Zdanowski Krzysztof Kajkowski First polish Openmoko site (mostly blogs) http://www.openmoko.org.pl/rss.xml
mokoapps.org Henrikw Site to promote openmoko applications http://www.mokoapps.org/feed/
neo1973.wordpress.com MTH German blog about Openmoko and Neo1973 http://neo1973.wordpress.com/feed/
http://slcolombia.org/aztlek/Blog/ Aztlek Spanish blog about Free Software (and Openmoko)
http://www.kernel-labs.org/ javiroman Spanish blog about Neo1973 system programming http://www.kernel-labs.org/?q=node/feed
rudiaelinux.com/openmoko/ Morpheus90 Italian blog about Neo1973 and Openmoko http://www.rudiaelinux.com/openmoko/?feed=rss2
http://openmoko-fr.org swap38 Communauté francophone sur openmoko (blog, forum, wiki) http://openmoko-fr.org/blog/index.php?feed/rss2
http://openmoko.opendevice.org/ User:arteqw Polish Openmoko site (wiki, forum and blogs) http://openmoko.opendevice.org/
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