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Exporting Hardware over networks

This is an elaboration on my original post for exporting GPS using netcat. The networking portion is covered elsewhere and you can use either USB, GPRS or bluetooth networking. This is how it works:

   * On host type: nc -vvn -l -p 5000 > /dev/mount-point

This sets up the host to listen for the connection.

   * On the Neo type: nc IP-ADDRESS-OF-HOST 5000 < /dev/port-to-export

This exports the port to the host ip address

This has been tested with GPS and GSM, but in theory it will work with all hardware.

At this point you must setup any required daemons on the host computer.
GPS you will need gpsd
GSM you will need gsmd
Bluetooth you will need bluez-utils
WI-FI (GTA02) you will need a basic wireless setup iwconfig, iwspy, iwpriv etc.
Audio system you will need alsa.

This could be used for getting files to the SD card easy, of course scp is a good utility for doing that.

Example: export GPS over USB network

   * First be sure you have gllin installed on the Neo.
   * On host type: nc -vvn -l -p 5000 > /tmp/nmeaNP
   * On the Neo type: nc 5000 < /tmp/nmeaNP
   * On the host PC install GPSD, your GPS is attached as /tmp/nmeaNP
   * start gpsd on host with: gpsd -p /tmp/nmeaNP
   * run your application! I used gpsdrive and it works better than my stand-alone GPS.
   * Tested with RoadNav.Works great!
   * With this in mind if you have an unlimited data package you could export this over the internet.
   * the possibilities are limitless.
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